Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Carex woodii?

In April I came across this rhizotomous sedge in a low terrace of the East Branch Chagrin River in Northeast Ohio. I had a difficult time keying it out but after narrowing it down I concluded that it was Carex woodii.  "Carex woodii is a plant of rich, often moist, deciduous forest, especially beech-maple, an early species fruiting mid-May or earlier"  Voss and Reznicek, Field Manual of Michigan Flora.  The timing and location of my find seem to fit well with the description - this is a rich beech-maple forest and it was early in the season.


My best attempt with a camera phone to capture the colony of what I think is Carex woodii.

A single clump plucked to show the shallow dark rhizome.

Some sketches I made to show some of the features of this Carex.

If this is not Carex woodii please let me know!

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